The first of the AccountAbility Seminar Series will take place on the 26th July 2011 in New York City focussing on “Building a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy to Support Business Performance and meet Stakeholder Expectations

Companies face increasing challenges and requirements to broaden and deepen the scope of stakeholder engagement (SE) activities across the enterprise. Third parties, such as socially responsible rating agencies, investment funds, and standards systems pressure companies to comply with the SE approaches they define. Under increasing demands to cut costs and enhance revenue, Line function Executives question the value of SE. Common approaches – stakeholder convenings, panels, and surveys among them – deliver questionable returns for the investment of time and money. Stakeholders themselves suffer from “engagement fatigue.”
How should a company build a strategic approach to Stakeholder Engagement that delivers a blend of commercial and ESG returns on investment?
The AccountAbility Strategy Seminar on Building a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy will allow your company to:

  • Turn key stakeholders into a competitive asset for your business. How? By organizing stakeholders into specific ESG-issue networks prepared to listen first, collaborate second, and find innovative solutions third
  • Assess stakeholders according to their likelihood to “build with” or “block” the company, and then build strategies to:
  • Mobilize “builders” to more deeply engage with and support the company
  • Engage with “blockers” that present the greatest risks
  • Ensure that remaining “blockers” do not increase their opposition over time
  • Effectively map priority stakeholders
  • Specify effective engagement approaches
  • Define the roles and responsibilities for line and staff functions to engage with key stakeholders
  • Learn from and apply good practices.

The Seminar will introduce and apply AccountAbility’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Matrix™, along with our Stakeholder Mapping Tools. The Seminar builds from AccountAbility’s 17 years as a pioneer in the research, standards, and application of leading stakeholder engagement practice.


This invitation-only seminar is limited to corporate practitioners. It is geared to executives with decision-making authority over their company’s stakeholder engagement direction. It will be valuable for members of Line and Staff functions alike. To allow for intimate, highly interactive conversation, space is limited to 12 participants.

To register your interest for the July 26th Seminar or the Series more generally, e-mail Lori Parks at lori@accountability.org