AccountAbility's Assurance for Change program publicised within the 'What Assures' research and report series explores and advances innovative approaches to building credible assurance.

While approaching the question from a range of different angles, 'What Assures Consumers?' forms part of the series, exploring citizens' potential as change-makers through their own consumption choices. The research series is rooted in our AA1000 Series and related standards work as well as our research and work on Materiality.

5. What Assures Consumers in an Economic Downturn? Reviewing the global agenda
(2009) this report is a timely analysis of the changing nature of consumer trust and the impact of the credit crunch on business strategies related to sustainable development.








4. 'What Assures Consumers in Australia in Climate Change?' (2008) focuses on consumer awareness and action on climate change in Australia and builds on our research with consumers. green marketing practitioners and opinion leaders in the UK and US.








3. 'What Assures Consumers on Climate Change?' (2007) Based research carried out in the US and UK, the aim is to understand what role consumers can play in overcoming the global obstacles to averting catastrophic climate change.








2. 'What Assures Consumers?' (2006) aims to better understand what assures the public in their decision-making on purchases to build practices that both empower consumers but also strengthen corporate performance..








1. 'What Assures?' (2006) makes the case that assuring stakeholders that your organisation is delivering on its commitments will be multi-faceted in the 21st Century