"Responsible Competitiveness is an essential ingredient for effective global markets. It blends forward-looking corporate strategies, innovative public policies, and a vibrant, engaged civil society. It is about creating a new generation of profitable products and business processes underpinned by rules that support society's broader social, environmental and economic aims."
Pascal Lamy, Director General, World Trade Organisation

AccountAbility has developed responsible competitiveness strategies for:

Companies: our recent clients include BT, Authentix, and the Co-op Group.

Sector groups in Canada, El Salvador and across Europe: our report on how Europe's pharmaceutical, finance and ICT sectors can enhance their international competitiveness through Responsible Competitiveness is an example of our work.

Cities and States: AccountAbility has undertaken several studies to diagnose how regions in Western Europe perform on key social and environmental issues such as workers rights, climate change and water conservation.

Sector based strategies: many countries are advancing the competitiveness of their agriculture, manufacturing, and industrial sectors by ambitious programs to improve labour and environmental standards. AccountAbility improves sector Responsible Competitiveness™* through research, diagnostics, and promoting collaboration (e.g. by hosting the MFA Forum which works on the links between national competitiveness and labour standards in global supply chains).

National Governments: we have worked with a number of governments including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, China, and South Africa to create national strategies for sustainable development and economic growth. We have also assessed climate change strategies in 95 countries around the world to identify progress towards a low carbon economy.

More recently, there has been growth in this field with other CSR focused organisations paying more attention to Responsible Competitiveness. For example, CSR Europe's 'Toolbox for a Competitive and Responsible Europe.' Click here for more information.