• Build robust reporting processes through the practical application of the AA1000 Assurance Standard and the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard.

  • Enhance the success of third-party assurance in terms of outcomes and performance, as well as technical quality– by increasing an organisation's understanding of how to prioritise stakeholder audiences and issues, and close credibility gaps.

  • Get the best out of external assurance providers and advisors offering assurance, audit, verification and review services for social and sustainability reporting.

AccountAbility's Reporting Services provide a clear framework for assessing the needs of reporting organisations and for selecting assurance providers. It gives support throughout the full cycle of reporting:

  • Reporting Diagnostic: Assess reporting needs in the context of your business goals and CR strategy.

  • Reporting Framework Selection: Help your organisation choose the most appropriate framework from among the multitude of voluntary and mandated reporting frameworks.

  • Stakeholder Mapping: Create a strategic process to facilitate ongoing stakeholder dialogue.

  • Reporting Roadmap and Plan. Develop strategy, structure and content for your organisation's report.

  • Report Production: Assist in the writing, design and production of print and online reports.

  • Provider Review and Proposal Evaluation: Identify appropriate third-party assurance service providers, develop customised proposal documents, and evaluate proposals using a quantitative scoring framework.

  • Assurance Evaluation:  Evaluate the quality and usefulness of the assurance process once it is completed.

  • Client Development. Develop the relevant skills within your organisation to help you get the most out of your external assurance providers.

Representative Client Work:

One of the world’s largest aluminium producers partnered with AccountAbility in 2007-2009 to advance its sustainability reporting and assurance processes. AccountAbility designed, organized and facilitated a representative stakeholder panel and provided strategic advice on draft versions of the 2007 Sustainability Report, from the first outline to the final draft. In 2008, AccountAbility developed a strategy on how to improve and advance the company’s reporting processes and systems in response to the observations and recommendations made by the 2007 Stakeholder Report Review Panel.