Assurance Provider By Region


CSR-in-Action Consulting Ltd, Nigeria

DQS South Africa, Africa

Environmental and Sustainability Solutions, South Africa

Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Global

IBIS ESG Assurance, Global

Integrated Reporting & Assurance Services (IRAS), South Africa

KPMG, South Africa

Sustainability Check Pty, South Africa

Think Sustainability, South Africa

ThistlePraxis Consulting, Nigeria

VAST Sustainability Consultants, South Africa


Adalya Consulting & Management, Israel

Afnor Groupe, Asia

Alaya Consulting Limited, Hong Kong

BSI China

BSI Hong Kong

BSI India

BSI Indonesia

BSI Korea

BSI Singapore

BSI Taiwan

Bureau Veritas, India

Bureau Veritas, Korea

Bureau Veritas, Taiwan

Bureau Veritas, Thailand

Carbon Care Asia, Hong Kong

Carbon Check, India

CSR Works, Singapore

Deloitte, Korea

Deloitte, India

Deloitte & Touche, Taiwan

DNV, Global

Do Right! System, Qatar

DQS ChinaIndia / Middle East

ECC International, Philippines

Emergent Ventures, India

Epic Sustainability Services Private Limited, Global

ERE-S, Singapore

Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Global

Ernst & Young, China

Ernst & Young, India

Ernst & Young, South Korea

Ernst & Young, Sri Lanka

Ernst & Young, Taiwan

Goodvision, Israel

GSL Group, Korea

Grant Thornton, India

HERI, Korea

Institute for Industrial Policy Studies, Korea

Intertek Business Assurance, India

KBS Certification Services Pvt. Ltd (KBS), India

Korea Foundation for Quality (KFQ), Korea

KMAR, South Korea

Korea Research Institute for Measurement and Assessment, Korea

Korea Productivity Centre (KPC), Korea

KPMG, India

KPMG, Japan

KPMG, Korea


KPMG, Singapore

KSA, Korea

Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, Korea

Marcspon, Korea

Moores Rowland, Indonesia

MGB & Co. LLP, India

MUC Global, Indonesia

National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR), Indonesia

PT. AJA Sertifikasi, Indonesia

PwC India

PwC Taiwan

Pyramid Sustainable Resource, India

SGS, Global

Social Responsibility (SR) Asia

The Centre for Sustainability Reports Assurance, Israel

THE CSR, Korea

The Natural Step, Japan

Thaipat Institute, Thailand

TÜV Rheinland (Guangdong) Ltd, China

TÜV Rheinland, India

TÜV Rheinland, Singapore

TUV India Private Limited, India

TÜV Sud South Asia Private Ltd, India

TÜV Nord Asia Pacific, Taiwan

Two Tomorrows, Global

URS Verification (P) Ltd, India


Alternate Consulting, Hungary

ALP Sustainability Management Consultancy, Turkey

Atkins Global, UK

Baker Tilly, Russia

B&P CSR, Hungary

BPA Worldwide, Global

BDO, Russia

BSD Consulting, Portugal

BSD Consulting, Spain

BSD Consulting, Switzerland

Bureau Veritas, UK

Bureau Veritas, Italia SPA

Bureau Veritas, Russia

Carbon Smart, UK

Control Union Certification, The Netherlands

Corporate Citizenship, UK

CSR BootIQ, Romania

Das Proekt, Russia

Das Straegia, Russia

Deloitte, France

Deloitte, Finland

Deloitte, Germany

Deloitte, Greece

Deloitte, Norway

Deloitte, Poland

Deloitte, Portugal

Deloitte, Spain

Deloitte, UK

Denkstatt GmbH, Austria

Denkstatt, Bulgaria

Denkstatt, Hungary

Denkstatt, Romania

Denkstatt, Slovakia

DNV, Global

DQS CFS, Europe

Drenvil, Portugal

Ecoproms, Russia

Enact Sustainable Strategies, Sweden

Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Global

Environmental Resources Management Certification and Verification Services (ERM CVS), Global

Ernst & Young, Germany

Ernst & Young, Greece

Ernst & Young, Norway

Ernst & Young, Italy

Ernst & Young, Spain

Ernst & Young, Turkey

Ernst & Young, UK

Ethos International, Sweden

FIRA Sustainability B.V., The Netherlands

Fox Advising CIC, UK

HAUSKA, Austria

INNOVA Project Consulting, Romania

Institute of Social Innovation, Greece

InvestAssure Ltd, UK

Jacobs, UK

KPMG, France

KPMG, Greece

KPMG, Italy

KPMG Sustainability, Netherlands

KPMG, Portugal

KPMG, Serbia

KPMG, Spain

KPMG, Sweden


Kreston BulMar, Bulgaria

Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, UK

Mazars, Turkey

Mitopro Oy, Finland

Nexia Pacioli Consulting, Russia

NP Consult, Russia

Ocean Certification, UK

PwC Denmark,

PwC, Finland

PwC AG WPG, Germany

PwC, Italy

PwC, Poland

PwC, Portugal

PwC, Russia

PwC, Spain

PwC, Sweden

PwC, Switzerland


Respect Sustainable Business AG, Sweden

RINA Services S.p.A., Italy

Schwery Consulting, Switzerland

SGS, Global

Shine Sustainability, UK

South Pole Group, Switzerland

Sustainability Knowledge Group, Global

Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), Switzerland

Swiss Climate, Switzerland

The Centre for Sustainability Excellence, Greece

The CSR Agency, Romania

ToFuture, Finland

Trucost, UK

true&, Switzerland

TÜV Austria Hellas, Greece

TÜV Hellas (TÜV Nord), Greece

TÜV Nord, United Kingdom


Two Tomorrows, Global

WSP Environment & Energy, UK

Latin America

BSD Consulting, Brazil

BSD Consulting, Chile

BSD Consulting, Columbia

BSD Consulting, Ecuador

CSR Solutions Limited, Trinidad

Deloitte, Mexico

DQS Brazil / Chile

Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Global

Gestion Social, Chile

Instituto Columbiano de Normas Téchnicas y Certuficación - ICONTEC, Columbia

KABYAX, Mexico

KPMG, Brazil

KPMG, Mexico

PwC, Mexico

PwC, Brazil

PwC, Columbia

SGS, Global

North America

BPA Worldwide, Global

Bureau Veritas, USA

Carbon Verification Service, USA

The Centre for Sustainability Excellence, USA

DNV, Global


Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Global

Ernst & Young, Canada

Jones Lang La Salle, USA

Prizma, Global

SGS, Global

Two Tomorrows, Global


Banarra, Australia

BECA, Australia

Bureau Veritas, Australia

CCR Australia, Australia

DQS CFS, Global

Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Global

Ernst & Young, Australia

Halcrow Group, Australia

KPMG, Australia

PwC, Australia

Pyramid Sustainable Resource, Australia

Think Impact, Australia