AA1000SES 2015 UK launch event

AccountAbility launches Global Stakeholder Engagement Standard in UK with a presentation to leading corporates


UK Power Networks hosted AccountAbility’s UK launch of the Global Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES 2015) with a presentation attended by leading companies at the London Southbank University today. Part of the AA1000 Series of Standards, the AA1000SES is a widely used and leading international reference providing comprehensive guidance on how to design, conduct and embed quality stakeholder engagement.

The presentation was followed by an insightful discussion on the application of the standard and related topics with AccountAbility CEO, Mr. Sunny Misser and Head of Research, Mr. David Pritchett. Business executives who attended the session were in agreement that the enhancement, refinement and updates made in the AA1000SES (2015) greatly improved the clarity and ease of application of the Standard in practice.

The AA1000SES is a generally applicable, value-added framework that illustrates robust procedures in the full management cycle of stakeholder engagement from a strategic, operational and organisational perspective. The newly released AA1000SES (2015) contains requirements highlighted to provide clear guidance, and supporting frameworks in a format designed to improve the ease-of-use. The final version of the AA1000SES (2015) is available at https://www.accountability.org/standards