AccountAbility CEO Delivers Keynote Speech at IOD Conference in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates  – AccountAbility CEO Sunil A. Misser delivered a keynote speech at the Institute of Directors (IOD) Dubai Global Convention on Business Excellence. The conference was held May 1-2 at the Burj Al Arab and was attended by more than 200 senior business leaders. The convention was themed, “Business Excellence – Key to Achieving World Class Performance,” and also included the presentation of the Golden Peacock Awards for Business Excellence.

In the keynote session, Mr. Misser delivered a speech titled, “Responsible Competitiveness: Rebuilding Trust and Creating Value.” The speech focused on how corporate leaders can restore public trust and build responsible businesses.

“It is impossible for us to achieve business excellence, deliver profits, and sustain our success if our stakeholders have lost trust in us,” Mr. Misser said. “They are partners in our success and we depend on their cooperation and collaboration. Trust is the foundation for this partnership.”

Citing independent external research, Mr. Misser expressed that global public trust in business institutions is weak. One of the primary reasons is that the public thinks business institutions have the wrong incentives driving decisions. Furthermore, the public has very low trust in business and government leaders to solve major issues in the world and in industries, make ethical decisions, and tell the public the truth.

Mr. Misser discussed how this crisis in leadership is aggravated by short-term thinking by CEOs and the markets that they serve. This short-term thinking is caused by a number of factors, including market pressures, economic uncertainty and the focus on short-term financial results.

Given this trust gap and crisis in leadership, Mr. Misser urged companies to pursue responsible competitiveness business strategies. Responsible competitiveness focuses on building lasting competitive advantage while delivering positive and quantifiable social, environmental, and economic benefits.

“The whole world is seeing a competitiveness challenge, which is a productivity issue, and Responsible Competitiveness is vital,” Manoj K. Raut, CEO and Director of IOD, said. “Mr. Misser’s keynote speech invigorated the discussion at the conference on our responsibility as business leaders. He shed light on the importance of threading sustainability into our business strategy.”

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