AccountAbility CEO, Sunny Misser, Interviewed by Lehigh University

Mr. Misser was invited to a pre-Award interview to discuss his thoughts and views on receiving this recognition (to view the entire interview, please click on this link).

He spoke of his years at Lehigh and discussed how those years of academic studies and experiences have helped in shaping him as a person, guiding his personality, values, professional aspirations, and business relationships. Mr. Misser identified three key factors that impacted himself and could potentially impact students who are looking to follow the Lehigh route; accessible and knowledgeable faculty, practical and outcome-oriented learning and strategic/pivotal/central location.

Mr. Misser shared his views on the importance of promoting sustainable, ethical and responsible business practices, and discussed AccountAbility’s role in advising its clients on the same. He stressed the importance of balancing sustainability with running a profitable and successful business. With a legacy of 21 years, AccountAbility works with businesses, governments and multilateral organizations to help advance responsible business practices and improve their performances. The AccountAbility team places particular importance on its clients and, through tailored services and products, supports them in creating impactful strategies and programs, while also running successful businesses at the same time. AccountAbility places notable focus on supporting clients in achieving the triple bottom line, while ensuring a profitable and successful business.

Mr. Misser concluded the interview by sharing his personal aspirations for the future and discussed his interest to serve the country, in some way, and hoping to make a positive impact.