AccountAbility CEO, Sunny Misser, speaks at Lehigh University’s Sustainability event

New York, NY – AccountAbility CEO, Sunny Misser, spoke at Lehigh University’s “L.E.E.D-ership” and advancements in the sustainability space program in New York City on March 14th at the Harmonie Club.

The audience comprised corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, Lehigh alumni, and graduate students in the fields of Finance and Business. Investment Management, Management Consulting, and Sustainability leaders shared their insights on, both, the future of ESG investing and growing investor focus on sustainable impact.

Mr. Misser led the evening by describing the personal and professional experiences that, both, shaped his career trajectory and made him an effective leader – “mental and emotional resiliency, mastering your craft, building and nurturing meaningful relationships, and effectively managing luck – good or bad.”

In his presentation, Mr. Misser also reinforced the sentiments and experiences of his co-panelists – Mr. Eddie Ramos, Mr. Eric Clement, and Ms. Delicia Nahman – that the demand base is shifting and the economic driving force of the twenty-first century will be a more balanced form of capitalism. For this reason, businesses are seeking ways to effectively manage, monitor and communicate the impact of their strategies, programs and policies.

Mr. Misser emphasized that, although ESG and impact investing remains a fraction of total assets managed, the global push from investors for businesses to prioritize sustainability is building at a rapid rate. To best meet this growing demand, businesses will need to generate tangible value for their stakeholders by shifting their operational focus from outputs to outcomes.

For more information on how an organization can improve the impact of their performance from output to outcomes, please see AccountAbility’s 7 Sustainability Trends for 2019, published earlier this year, or Accountability’s AA1000 AccountAbility Principles, a practical set of guiding principles used to assess, manage, improve and communicate accountability and sustainability performance.