AccountAbility CEO, Sunny Misser, speaks at a MIT Sloan Fellows event – Lens on Leadership

New York, NY – AccountAbility CEO, Sunny Misser, spoke at the MIT Sloan Fellows – Lens on Leadership – program in New York City on December 19th at the NYC Hilton.

The audience comprised of over 150 mid-career professionals representing 38 countries and 35 industries. Industry leaders addressed this group and shared their personal experiences and insights on what it takes to be an effective leader.

Mr. Misser shared his work philosophy and experiences on what has worked for him in his career, made him a better person and a more effective leader – People, Hard Work and Communication.

He emphasized the importance of hiring and growing good people and building a strong team. He stated that “in building a great professional services firm, the dominant emphasis should not be on products or services but rather on people.” He stressed the importance of building and nurturing strong, meaningful relationships across all levels of the organization – at every stage of one’s career.

Mr. Misser reiterated that there are no shortcuts to success and it is imperative to work hard, “master your craft” and pay attention to “the small things.” “For communication to be effective, it needs to be clear, concise and compelling, but most importantly, it needs to be genuine,” he added.

The talk also outlined the importance of restoring trust in business and its leadership and how leaders should constantly keep thinking of ways of creating value and making an impact.