AccountAbility leads a workshop on materiality with French Multinational Corporations

AccountAbility was invited as a subject matter expert by ORSE (Observatoire de la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises, to present at a dedicated Materiality workshop attended by 19 of the ORSE member organizations in Paris.

David Pritchett, AccountAbility’s Global Head of Research and Services in Europe, presented AccountAbility’s approach to Materiality, and the alignment with the AA1000 Series of Standards. He also highlighted selected results of a “State of Materiality” survey conducted with 300 global organizations earlier in 2016, and detailed success factors and pitfalls of implementing a robust materiality assessment process.

The presentation triggered a lively discussion with the audience, notably around the fear of materiality becoming another sustainability checklist compliance topic as opposed to a management tool to drive sustainable change within the organization.

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