AccountAbility Presents at the Glowork Career Fair Conference

AccountAbility presents at the 2016 Glowork Career Fair Conference in Riyadh on Women in Management and Leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, 27th September 2016

AccountAbility, in partnership with Glowork, one of the leading organizations dedicated to women recruitment and empowerment in the GCC, has recently embarked upon an exciting research project in Saudi Arabia. The project aims to provide an overview of current practices in women in management and leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to develop practical and actionable recommendations for employers and public policy on how to improve the career opportunities for female management and leadership talent.

AccountAbility was honored to present the preliminary findings of the research at Glowork’s 2016 Career Fair Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh – the number one female career fair and recruitment related conference in the Kingdom that is endorsed by The Ministry of Labor and the Human Resources Development Fund. AccountAbility’s Global Head of Research presented the key findings of the study, and discussed some of the critical factors that will support the Kingdom fulfil Vision 2030, help empower women and improve their career development opportunities.

The findings of the Women in Management and Leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia research project will be published during the last quarter of 2016.