Open Call for Nominations: AA1000APS Working Group


The AccountAbility AA1000 Standards Board has issued an open invitation to interested stakeholders to serve on the Working Group for the revised AccountAbility Principles Standard (AA1000APS), to be released with the latest AccountAbility Assurance Standard (AA1000AS) in late-2016. The Working Group will operate under the mandate laid out in its Terms of Reference and will commence its duties in July 2016. Group membership will be comprised of a diverse group of selected volunteers, representing a range of stakeholders contributing their expertise in sustainability and related standards. The Working Group is supported by AccountAbility, the secretariat and steward of the AA1000 Series.

Enabling Future Sustainability:

To lead in the global market place, sustainability must embrace a long-term strategic, perspective. The revised AA1000APS, will provide an updated framework for organisations to identify, prioritise and respond to its sustainability challenges inclusively. The revised AA1000APS will be future oriented, in line with current directions in sustainability thinking – encompassing and aligning with relevant parts of sustainability frameworks, leading practices, local guidelines / standards related to sustainability, and regulatory requirements.

The AA1000APS will continue to provide the basis for understanding and achieving accountability through a strategic approach to sustainability. The AA1000AS in turn will support the revised AA1000APS. Assurance providers will thereby go beyond verification of data according to the principle-based requirements set out in the AA1000APS, to evaluate the way reporting organisations manage sustainability, to align disclosures with financial reporting and assurance.

Stakeholders wishing to serve on the AA1000APS Working Group will have until 22nd June 2016 to forward their profiles for consideration. Applications should be sent to

Nominations will be open to all interested stakeholders, with a preference for professionals involved in Finance/ Legal/ Accounting/ Auditing and Regulatory Environments.