AccountAbility’s AA1000 Series of Standards are principles-based Standards and Frameworks used by a broad spectrum of organizations – global businesses, private enterprises, governments and civil societies – to demonstrate leadership and performance in accountability, responsibility and sustainability.


For over two decades, organizations have trusted and applied AccountAbility’s Standards to guide their approach to sustainability strategy, governance and operational management.


The AA1000 Series represent a simple, practical and easy to use framework for organizations’ to apply the Guiding Principles of AccountAbility along with robust sustainability assurance and integrated stakeholder engagement.

Licensing for AA1000AS (2008)

Assurance Provider Licensing Process:

Licensing is mandatory for all commercial use of AA1000AS (2008).

Download a License Agreement

The licensing agreement must be completed and returned electronically to or a hard copy can be sent to the Standards Team in our London office.

With a license, AccountAbility grants the Licensee a non-exclusive license to use the AA1000 Assurance Standard (AA1000AS, 2008) and Marking in relation to their Sustainability Assurance Services.

Assurance providers not having completed the licensing agreement are not permitted to use the AA1000AS (2008) commercially. Sections 13 to 24 of the Frequently Asked Questions document details further the rules and guidelines on Licensing.

FAQ Document


All assurance providers who use AA1000AS are required to pay a royalty fee of £500 for each commercial use of the Standard (£200 for an assurance engagement of companies with less than £2m revenues) and may include the AA1000AS (2008) logo on their statements, which will be provided once licensed.

Further, there is a small license agreement fee due initially upon signing the licensing agreement of £5 (GBP)