Practising Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioners

Practising CSAP Practitioners (CSAP) are practitioners who are directly involved in the assurance process (internal or external) as a team member.

Sustainability Assurance Practitioners have practical experience in sustainability assurance using AA1000. This experience includes active participation in sustainability assurance engagements, whether internally within an organization or as an external assurance provider. Experience in stakeholder engagement is required, although not necessarily as part of formal assurance assignments. It will include relevant formal training and qualifications, although not necessarily specific to sustainability assurance. Practitioners are active sustainability assurance practitioner with demonstrable experience over a number of assignments with different clients or, for internal practitioners, over several assurance cycles covering a range of sustainability issues.

Ibrahim Akoon, South Africa. Email
Vishal Goel, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the). Email
Minju Kim, Singapore. Email
Hsien Weng Lou, South Africa. Email
Nancy Mancilla, United States of America (the). Email
Brian Noveck, United States of America (the). Email
Victor Sebastian Manz Perales, Spain. Email

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