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Featured Research

AccountAbility releases a Report "Beyond Risk Management--Leveraging Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality to uncover Value and Opportunity"

AccountAbility has released a comprehensive report examining the results of a global survey AccountAbility conducted to better understand how companies embed stakeholder engagement and materiality within their organizations and capture value.

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Stakeholder Engagement Services

The past few decades have seen a shift in the role of organisations in society - consequently more and more members or representatives of different impacted groups are claiming their right to be informed of, consulted on and involved in organisational decision-making. Furthermore, advancements in the understanding of how stakeholders contribute to the creation of value over the last few years have challenged organisations to refine their approach to engagement.

CR Leaders Corner

AccountAbility interviews René Buholzer, Global Head Sustainability & Head Public Policy Swiss Universal Bank, Credit Suisse

Dr Buholzer discusses Credit Suisse's sustainability efforts and drivers and offers insights into the company's commitment to an economically stable and socially cohesive environment with the aim of achieving long-term success.