We are a think tank and advisory services firm focusing on mainstreaming sustainability into organisational thinking and practice. By providing innovative and practical solutions, we help our clients improve their business performance, create value, and build a sustainable competitive advantage. Our widely-used standards, leading research, and strategic advisory services help organisations become more accountable, responsible, and sustainable.

Featured Research

AccountAbility releases a report on materiality: “Redefining Materiality II: Why It Matters, Who’s Involved and What it Means for Corporate Leaders and Boards”

AccountAbility has released a comprehensive report examining the growing importance of non-financial factors on corporate performance, disclosure, and valuation.

Featured Services

Generating value through Corporate Responsibility for the Financial Services Industry

AccountAbility has extensive experience and has established a strong track record of working with companies in the financial services sector in the field of corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability.

CR Leaders Corner

AccountAbility interviews David Bresch, Director, Head Sustainability & Political Risk Management at Swiss Re Ltd

AccountAbility interviews Dr. David N. Bresch, Director, Head Sustainability & Political Risk Management at Swiss Re Ltd. David Bresch discusses how innovative insurance approaches can strengthen climate resilience and protect communities; the increasing importance to investors of climate change and sustainability related issues; and Swiss Re's quantitative arguments for proactive investment against climate change.