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We are always looking for smart, committed, and enthusiastic people who share our mission and values. We believe in hiring the best and brightest talent, providing high-quality training and development, and recognizing and rewarding high performance.

Clients choose AccountAbility because of our people. To ensure that our people are committed to our clients, we place considerable importance on creating a working environment that fosters innovation, results, and engagement.

We believe that creating an environment in which people can realize their full potential is one of the key drivers of success for AccountAbility.

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We have offices in Dubai, London, New York, and Riyadh. Find an office near you and get in touch.

AccountAbility's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

AccountAbility believes addressing systemic DEI challenges requires a systems-based approach that recognizes, and then reimagines, the structures and systems that perpetuate inequities.

  • We see DEI issues – which are part and parcel to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) management – as priorities which underpin the processes, controls, and procedures that an organization adopts to govern itself, make effective decisions, conduct responsible business, and meet the needs of stakeholders.
  • We recognize the need to identify DEI issues, risks, and opportunities as they relate to our clients, our people, and our firm.
  • We support the development of broad, bold strategies that challenge historical structures, systems, processes, and policies.
  • We are dedicated to rewarding the diversity of thought, backgrounds, and experiences our people bring to their work.
  • We develop strong relationships with our clients, partners, and people that are rooted in empathy and emotional intelligence, to not just listen to – but hear – the perspectives of our stakeholders.
  • We ensure a shared commitment to DEI policies and practices with our partners and vendors.
  • We aspire to be the best partner we can be to all stakeholders, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and geography.
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