AccountAbility CEO, Sunny Misser, interviewed by REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts) Magazine

Mr. Misser outlines three key sustainability trends currently impacting the REIT industry sector

The July / August 2016 edition of REIT Magazine features an interview with Sunny Misser, CEO of AccountAbility, titled REITs Looking for Sustainability Standardization.”

The interview addresses AccountAbility’s work with the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) to develop a better understanding of the array of sustainability-related guidelines, key performance indicators and metrics in use or under consideration for real estate businesses and investment in the U.S. and around the world, as well as highlighting some of the primary sustainability trends affecting the real estate sector.

In the interview, Mr. Misser discusses how AccountAbility’s robust methodology and strong technical expertise helped the NAREIT community to better understand leading sustainability practices among its membership, as well as within the global real estate community. He states that, “The objective was to help NAREIT’s members embed good practices in these activities, enhance their sustainability efforts and improve their overall performance.”

Through an exhaustive process of engaging over 80 REITs, reviewing 15 standards and frameworks and analyzing 21 REITs (in-depth), AccountAbility applied their thinking to leading practices and developed practical guidance.

In the interview, Mr. Misser also outlines three key sustainability trends currently impacting the REIT industry sector:

  • Sustainability Reporting as a standard global practice, with significant recent growth in the REIT sector
  • Consolidation of Sustainability Standards, as an end result to the proliferation of multiple standards, frameworks, and guidelines flooding the marketing place.
  • Mainstreaming of sustainability metrics, goals, and activities into overall business operations, processes, and systems.

This version of the REIT Magazine also focuses in the Green Building Buzz in the United States, highlighting five sustainability projects underway in the REIT industry today that underscore the sector’s diversity and creative thinking in sustainability.

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