AccountAbility Releases Document on Key Changes Introduced in the AA1000AP (2018) and Bridge to Sustainability Reporting

The document highlights the key changes introduced in the AA1000AP (2018) Principles from the previous version (AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard – AA1000APS, 2008), as well as summarizes its positioning, complementarity, and uniqueness in relation to the current sustainability reporting and disclosure landscape.

AccountAbility is pleased to release a practical guidance document highlighting the key changes in the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles (AA1000AP, 2018), as well as an overview of alignment with commonly used sustainability-related reporting standards and frameworks. The document - available for free download below - serves to support both organizational users and assurance providers in effectively working with the AA1000AP (2018).

Improvements to the definitions and adherence criteria related to the Principles are detailed clearly, alongside an overview of all structural and visual enhancements. With these revisions, AccountAbility presents a robust set of Principles that we expect to stay relevant for users of all sizes, geographies, and sectors, for a large part of the next decade.

The purpose of the AA1000 Principles is to set the foundation to support and guide an organization’s sustainability management, performance, and behavior. The revision process reviewed the coherence of the Principles with a selection of widely used sustainability management and reporting standards and frameworks. The guidance document provides a summary of the positioning, complementarity, and uniqueness of the AA1000AP (2018) in relation to the current sustainability framework landscape.

The AA1000AP (2018) – Key Changes and Bridge to Wider Reporting Frameworks document is available for download, free of charge, at the download link below.

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