AccountAbility Releases New Translations of the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles (AA1000AP, 2018) in Spanish, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesian

Translations expand global access to principles-based sustainability guidance

AccountAbility is proud to announce the launch of the Spanish, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesian Translations of the AA1000AP (2018) - further expanding global access to principles-based sustainability guidance

View the launch press release here and below.

Download the new translations here.


AccountAbility is pleased to announce the launch of additional translations –Spanish, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesian– of its signature sustainability management framework and guidance document, the AccountAbility Principles (AA1000AP, 2018). These translations are now available for free download on AccountAbility’s website.

The AccountAbility Principles have been applied for over two decades by organizations of all sizes and across industry sectors to successfully identify, prioritize, and respond to sustainability challenges to improve their overall, long-term performance. The AA1000AP (2018) serves as the foundation of the AA1000 Series of Standards, and offers an informed update to the firm’s internationally accepted, principles-based approach to sustainability management for the 21st Century.

Today’s release of the **Spanish, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesian translations of the AA1000AP (2018)**would not have been possible without AccountAbility’s generous translation sponsors and peer reviewers – who donated their time and expertise to advance the global accessibility of this critical sustainability guidance document.

In recognition of the invaluable contributions of these partners, AccountAbility is honored to share their unique perspectives and insights related to bringing these new translations to market.

Spanish AA1000AP (2018) Translation

The Spanish version of the AA1000AP (2018) was translated and sponsored by the Madrid-based professional services firm and AccountAbility-licensed Assurance Provider, UHY Fay & Co. Max Gosh, Managing Director at UHY Fay & Co, shared the following statement regarding the launch of this translation:

“The rapid changes and the multiple challenges businesses have to face in the current global context have made it ever more evident that businesses need to become more efficient and proactive in identifying, prioritizing, and responding effectively to key sustainability issues. For us at UHY FAY & Co Madrid, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with AccountAbility in the AA1000AP (2018) Standard translation. The Accountability Standards have played a decisive role in how we, as consultants, approach our sustainability practice, and we hope that many other companies will benefit from the guidance provided by the standard… It is our hope that the availability of this framework in Spanish will have a significant impact on the promotion of the best sustainability practices across Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish-speaking countries – which will positively contribute to the global business community.”

AccountAbility-licensed Assurance Provider, Sustaina Value, Chile, conducted the peer-review of the Spanish translation. Dr. Luis D. Torres, Associate Director at Sustaina Value, expressed:

“We believe it is important to make the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles available to Spanish speakers, and are happy to have contributed to this process. The AA1000AP (2018) Standard is not only a key framework for organizations wanting to effectively manage sustainability, but also the basis for external assurance on sustainability reporting.”

Portuguese AA1000AP (2018) Translation

The Portuguese translation of the AA1000AP (2018) was expertly peer reviewed by the AccountAbility-licensed Assurance ProvidersPwC Portugal and the Brazil-based firm Conecta Consultores.

Cláudia Coelho, Sustainable Business Solutions Director at PwC Portugal, shared regarding the translation:

“This standard provides a structured framework for the identification, prioritization, and response to sustainability challenges, integrating stakeholder's perspectives in the process. The Portuguese translation will contribute to the dissemination and adoption of the AA1000 Principles amongst companies in Portuguese-speaking countries."

Marcelo Aversa, Partner at Conecta Consultores, reinforced the value of developing this translation for Portuguese-speaking audiences, voicing:

“AccountAbility’s AA1000 Series of Standards (Principles, Engagement, and Assurance) provide rigor and credibility in the implementation and/or Assurance processes of ESG criteria. As a Licensed Assurance Provider, it was a great honor for Conecta Consultores to collaborate in the Portuguese translation of the AccountAbility Principles, and we hope it will contribute to a greater use of the Standards by Brazilian companies.”

Bahasa Indonesian AA1000AP (2018) Translation

The Bahasa Indonesian version of the AA1000AP (2018) was translated and sponsored by SYR Solutions Pte Ltd, an AccountAbility-licensed Assurance Provider and professional services firm based in Singapore.

Tan Bee Lay, Founding Director and Principal Consultant of SYR Solutions Pte Ltd, stated regarding the Bahasa Indonesian translation of the AccountAbility Principles:

“The AA1000 Series of Standards continue to empower companies to move beyond a compliance approach, toward one that is value-driven and outcome oriented. As sustainable development makes real progress in Indonesia through Indonesia Vision 2050, it is our privilege to make the AA1000AP (2018) available to the Bahasa Indonesian-speaking audience.”

The Bahasa Indonesian translation was peer revied by the AccountAbility-licensed Assurance Provider, Moores Rowland Indonesia. Ali Rahmadi, Head Division of Sustainability Services, emphasized the value of this translation by sharing:

“Moores Rowland believes that whether a reporting company, assurer, or information consumer, the AA1000AP 2018 is the go-to standard for implementing, reporting, and assuring ESG reports. Believing strongly in the Business Purpose of a Corporation, Moores Rowland is proud to have played its part in helping to promote the growth of ESG reporting in the region through this Indonesian translation.”

This announcement comes on the heels of AccountAbility’s release of German and Simplified Chinese Translations of the AA1000AP (2018), with more translations in Italian and French anticipated later this fall to further expand global access to principles-based sustainability guidance

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