Innovative AccountAbility third-party Assurance Report helps Bayer establish greater consumer confidence

AccountAbility's Independent Assessment of Bayer's Coppertone Shines Light on Sunscreen Testing, Quality, Packaging

In an ongoing effort to promote customer trust and loyalty, Bayer retained AccountAbility to conduct an independent assessment of its Coppertone suncare protection line of products. AccountAbility produced the independent assurance report using a range of external and internal assessment tools to assess the company’s processes, systems, and internal controls relating to the labeling accuracy of the company’s Coppertone US product line.

Bayer is first in the suncare industry to conduct this type of third-party assessment and to voluntarily make the results publicly available. AccountAbility’s report offers unique insights into the multifaceted process used to verify product label information, providing a high level of transparency so that consumers can have greater comfort and confidence in labeling accuracy. Please click this link for access to the press release and a copy of the report.

Mr. Doug Hawkins, Accountability’s Head of the Americas stated, “This report represents an important example of Bayer’s leadership and commitment to transparency within the suncare industry. For our clients, these assessment projects enhance consumer and stakeholder confidence and provide a unique opportunity to leverage compliance efforts in a positive way. More and more clients are seeking out AccountAbility’s expertise to validate responsible practices as a point of differentiation.”

“We managed the project diligently and efficiently to provide an outcome that not only helped Bayer to provide transparency to its external stakeholders, but also allowed senior management to identify areas of operational improvements that enhance performance,” noted Ms. Lucy Bai, AccountAbility’s Senior Engagement Manager.

“AccountAbility applied a professional, rigorous and thorough assurance review process using applicable international standards to provide value to external stakeholders on the review work performed,” said Mr. David Pritchett, AccountAbility’s Head of Europe.


AccountAbility is uniquely positioned as a trusted third-party to perform assurance assessments due to its extensive experience working with assurance standards, familiarity with a broad range of metrics assessment criteria, as well as AccountAbility’s established stakeholder engagement standard.

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