PODCAST RELEASE: Sustainability, Action (Part 2)

AccountAbility's CEO, Sunil Misser, and AFIRE's CEO, Gunnar Branson, continue their discussion around the future of ESG and the interconnectedness of businesses and the world around them in the second installment of the AFIRE podcast

What’s more powerful: an empire, or a network? How is it that successful, powerful companies fail? What does the future of ESG look like?

In part two of our podcast series with AFIRE, AccountAbility CEO, Sunil Misser, and AFIRE CEO, Gunnar Branson, quote the Eagles and remember the joy of mixtapes, talk about the resilience factors that underpin business success, question the future of collaborative governance, and muse as to why history all too often repeats itself.

Listen now on your favorite podcast service (AppleGoogleSpotify) for the full episode, or learn more on the AFIRE website.


Listen to the first part of this podcast conversation“Sustainability, Action (Part 1)”

Read the inspiration for this conversation in “Sustainability, Action” from AFIRE's Summit Journal

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