Sustainability, Action: AccountAbility Published in AFIRE's Q1 2021 Summit Journal

AccountAbility's article - Sustainability, Action - discusses why integrating ESG into an organization’s DNA requires strong oversight and clear goal setting

During a time of unprecedented uncertainty and disruption, how should businesses approach the “new metrics of performance,” and how will ESG evolve in 2021?

We believe the time is now for “less discussion and more action” as it relates to operationalizing the sustainability agenda.

A just-released article by AccountAbility’s CEO, Sunil A. Misser, in the AFIRE (Association for International Real Estate Investors) Spring Summit Journal addresses this need for action and outlines concrete steps organizations may consider to integrate ESG into their DNA through strong oversight and clear goal-setting.

AccountAbility’s article – Sustainability, Action – details**:**

  • Context regarding the rise of sustainability as a competitive business advantage, particularly in the context of today’s “new normal” and shifting “metrics of performance”

  • Evolving priorities for ESG management and disclosure – including a renewed focus on stakeholder engagement, the need for proactive ESG risk management, and recognition of the business sector’s increasing social responsibilities and obligations

  • Guidance on what makes a “good ESG goal” rooted in the AccountAbility Principles of Inclusivity, Materiality, Responsiveness, and Impact, as well as how to embed ESG through strategic goal-setting and impact management that involves Systematic Measurement, Engagement Management, and Strategic Communications

  • Overview of other responsible business practices designed to advance ESG objectives, including a:

    • Focus on improving Stakeholder Engagement practices
    • Commitment to Data, Disclosure, and Reporting
    • Recognition of the transformative power of “Big G” Governance
    • Validation of an integrated approach to Strategy Development

Integrating ESG into an organization’s DNA requires strong oversight and clear goal setting. Contact AccountAbility at or via the Contact Us box below to further advance your organization's ESG objectives.

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