The Mounting Business Case for ESG: Reflections on Blackrock's 2021 Letter to CEOs

The pandemic further demonstrated the value of ESG - accelerating the need for CEOs and Boards to operationalize the corporate sustainability agenda. How will your company answer this call to action?

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink's annual Letter to CEOs reinforced a consistent and targeted narrative spun over the last four years – the ever growing importance of Sustainability/ ESG Matters and their impact on the Business Universe.

This year, he “doubled down” on this narrative by outlining an even more ambitious ESG blueprint for businesses – pressuring companies to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and “disclose a plan for how their business model will be compatible with a net-zero economy.”

This year’s letter—when paired with political shifts in Europe and the U.S.—is anticipated to have an outsized impact in advancing the corporate sustainability agenda.

It also validates and reinforces the direction that AccountAbility has already committed to - and has been advising our clients to pursue - over the past decade:

  • Stakeholder Engagement - it reinforces the market value of our leading AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard – and our decision to update the standard, deepen our Stakeholder Engagement advisory services to provide a “Healthcheck” with a Recommendations Roadmap
  • Data, Disclosure, and Reporting - our continued focus on broadening and advancing our Sustainability Reporting services for Fortune 500 companies to: a)  reinforce the enterprise-wide integration of sustainability activities and performance, and; b)  prepare for the imminent future shift to a single global reporting standard
  • “Big G” Governance - it builds upon our established business case for “Big G," as we continue to educate our clients and the industry about why transforming governance policies, processes, and controls is critical to realizing improved business performance
  • Integrated Sustainability Strategy - it validates our holistic approach to align sustainability strategy with the business strategy, have a balanced corporate dashboard (KPI’s, metrics, and reporting), and a clear implementation roadmap integrated within the functions of the company

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