Associate Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioners

Associate Practitioners (ACSAP) are professionals who are not directly involved in the assurance process or for trainee assurance practitioners (internal or external).

Associate Sustainability Assurance Practitioners have an understanding of the field of sustainability assurance. Associates have gained this knowledge by attending relevant training. Their knowledge can include, but does not require, practical assurance experience, or direct experience in stakeholder engagement.

This grade is most relevant to those beginning their career in sustainability assurance, and those involved in related topics, such as report preparation or general management, who wish to demonstrate their knowledge of the field.

Blair Diehl, AccountAbility, U.S.A. Email
Carlos Suárez, Spain. Email
Cristina Balan, Romania. Email
Daniel Metzger, AccountAbility, U.S.A.. Email
Farah Matar, Lebanon. Email
Gonzalo F. Perez, Spain. Email
John Scade, Spain. Email
Juan Ricardo Cuba Garcia, Peru. Email
Mehmet Kumru, Turkey. Email
Mélanie Salagnat, Mexico. Email
Neil Mendenhall, U.S.A. Email
Pilar Otero, U.K. Email
Prat Wongwan, Thailand. Email
Qiuming Xu, China. Email
Russell Grandin, AccountAbility, U.S.A.. Email
Sabrina Bennis, AccountAbility, U.K.. Email
Udaya A. Nanayakkara, AccountAbility, U.K. Email
Duncan Lee, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Peppi-Emilia Airike, AccountAbility, U.S.A.. Email
Oduware Uwadiae, Nigeria. Email
Pan Min, China. Email
O Hyeong Kwon, South Korea. Email
Saif Eid Alotaibi, Saudi Arabia. Email

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