Associate Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioners

Associate Practitioners (ACSAP) are professionals who are not directly involved in the assurance process or for trainee assurance practitioners (internal or external).

Associate Sustainability Assurance Practitioners have an understanding of the field of sustainability assurance. Associates have gained this knowledge by attending relevant training. Their knowledge can include, but does not require, practical assurance experience, or direct experience in stakeholder engagement.

This grade is most relevant to those beginning their career in sustainability assurance, and those involved in related topics, such as report preparation or general management, who wish to demonstrate their knowledge of the field.

Hong Ik Ahn, South Korea. Email
Peppi-Emilia Airike, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Saif Eid Alotaibi, Saudi Arabia. Email
Lauren Anderson, USA. Email
Bertrand Arlove, Mauritius. Email
Yiyeol Bae, South Korea. Email
Cristina Balan, Romania. Email
Kavita Bet, United Arab Emirates. Email
Phil Brown, Australia. Email
Caterina Cedolini, AccountAbility, United Kingdom. Email
Jae won Cha, South Korea. Email
Reinushini Chandrasegaram, Malaysia. Email
Chieh Chen, Taiwan. Email
CHIEH Chen, Taiwan. Email
PEI YING CHEN, Taiwan. Email
SHU-TUAN CHEN, Taiwan. Email
Yilhyeong Cho, South Korea. Email
MENG LAN CHO, Taiwan. Email
Moon Hak Choi, South Korea. Email
Jae won Choi, South Korea. Email
Jeong gil Chu, South Korea. Email
YUAN-CHUNG CHU, Taiwan. Email
George Day, United Kingdom. Email
Kunchuda Disyabutra, Thailand. Email
Godfrey Engel, South Africa. Email
Lauren Enright, USA. Email
Safa Firas, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Wes Fitch, USA. Email
Anne Le Flao, South Korea. Email
Sek Leong Foo, Hong Kong. Email
Juan Ricardo Cuba Garcia, Peru. Email
Sabyasachi Ghosh, Viet Nam. Email
Elise Gilliam, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Roy Green, USA. Email
PEI JEN GUO, Taiwan. Email
Dae cheol Han, South Korea. Email
Glenn Hansen, USA. Email
Oliver Hegi, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Wuk Heo, South Korea. Email
Yukio Hirata, Japan. Email
Chen-Rong Ho, Taiwan. Email
Yi-Teng Hsieh, Taiwan. Email
Junyen Hsieh, Taiwan. Email
Kuang-Hua Hsu, Taiwan. Email
Easter Huang, Taiwan. Email
Wei-Neng Huang, Taiwan. Email
Poacher (Po-Chiao) Huang, Taiwan. Email
I-FENG HUANG, Taiwan. Email
Hyeon Ju, South Korea. Email
Myung-Soo Kang, South Korea. Email
MinJae Kang, South Korea. Email
Hsuan Kao, Taiwan. Email
Toh Ser Khoon, Singapore. Email
Tae Hyung Kim, South Korea. Email
Ka Young Kim, South Korea. Email
Jin Kyoung Kim, South Korea. Email
Sang hyun Kim, South Korea. Email
Ji Eun Kim, South Korea. Email
Hyun Seok Kim, South Korea. Email
Jong Wook Kim, South Korea. Email
Yonghee Kim, South Korea. Email
hyunsik Kim, South Korea. Email
Dokyun Kim, South Korea. Email
Dokyun Kim, Taiwan. Email
Melissa Kittermaster, United Kingdom. Email
Abraham Johannes Koch, South Africa. Email
Mehmet Kumru, Türkiye. Email
O Seong Kweon, South Korea. Email
O Hyeong Kwon, South Korea. Email
Sung Sik Kwon, South Korea. Email
Ada Law, Hong Kong. Email
Duncan Lee, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Kyumin Lee, South Korea. Email
Kyung Geun Lee, South Korea. Email
Hye won Lee, South Korea. Email
Guijun Li, China. Email
Amy Liao, Taiwan. Email
Krit Lilitkarntakul, Thailand. Email
Tzu-Kuan Lin, Taiwan. Email
Alicia Kurnia Liono, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Hugo Liu, Taiwan. Email
Jacob Lu, Taiwan. Email
Farah Matar, Lebanon. Email
Neil Mendenhall, USA. Email
Daniel Metzger, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Pan Min, China. Email
Choo Min, Singapore. Email
Kyoungjin Min, South Korea. Email
Lingxia Mu, China. Email
Benjamin Myburgh, South Africa. Email
Ravin Naidoo, South Africa. Email
Udaya Nanayakkara, AccountAbility, United Kingdom. Email
Seung Ho Park, South Korea. Email
Youngju Park, South Korea. Email
Byung Wook Park, South Korea. Email
Chul Hyuk Park, South Korea. Email
Jin Park, South Korea. Email
Chuan-Ni Peng, Taiwan. Email
Gonzalo F. Perez, Spain. Email
Mélanie Salagnat, Mexico. Email
Sung Won Seo, South Korea. Email
Cheng Te Shen, Taiwan. Email
Seung Cheol Shin, South Korea. Email
heungsup Sim, South Korea. Email
Joshua Solomowitz, AccountAbility, USA. Email
Carlos Suárez, Spain. Email
Junalina Tabor, Philippines. Email
Angel Tseng, Taiwan. Email
FU YAO TU, Taiwan. Email
Oduware Uwadiae, Nigeria. Email
Mandy Venter, South Africa. Email
Binlei Wang, China. Email
Yihang Wang, China. Email
I-Jeng Wang, Taiwan. Email
Maolin Wang, China. Email
Wei - Chuan Wang, Taiwan. Email
Prat Wongwan, Thailand. Email
FENG YANG WU, Taiwan. Email
Qiuming Xu, China. Email
Sandy Shuling Yang, Taiwan. Email
Meng-Feng Yen, Taiwan. Email
Yinghua Yi, China. Email
Hsin-Her Yu, Taiwan. Email
Jieun Yu, South Korea. Email
JAU JHONG YU, Taiwan. Email
JAU-YIN YU, Taiwan. Email
Hyung Keun Yun, South Korea. Email
Ran Zhao, China. Email
Zhehui Zhong, China. Email
Mike Zvirime, South Africa. Email

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