Lead Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioners

Lead CSAP Practitioners (LCSAP) are practitioners who are directly involved in the assurance process (internal or external) leading teams and taking responsibility for the formulation of public statements.

Lead Sustainability Assurance Practitioners have well established practical experience of sustainability assurance using the AA1000AS (2008). This experience must include leading sustainability assurance assignments, either internally within an organization, or as part of external assurance assignments. Experience in stakeholder engagement as part of assurance assignments is essential, as is the lead role in forming assurance judgments and the preparation of external or internal assurance statements.

Lead Practitioners are currently active in the provision of sustainability assurance and have been so for several years or have led a significant number of sustainability assurance assignments.

Richard Boele, Australia. Email
Grace Cheah, Singapore. Email
Paul Davies, Australia. Email
Alan Dayeh, Australia. Email
Kye Gbangbola, United Kingdom. Email
Petrus Gildenhuys, South Africa. Email
Terence Jeyaretnam, Australia. Email
David Knight, United Kingdom. Email
Lucinda Kuys, South Africa. Email
Jean-Pierre Dalla Palma, Singapore. Email
Michael Rea, South Africa. Email
Behzad Sadegh, USA. Email
Sied Sadek, Germany. Email

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