AccountAbility’s Industry Insights: Energy & Utilities

Companies in the Energy & Utilities Industry are encouraged to prioritize resiliency planning, stakeholder engagement, transparent ESG reporting, and inclusive workforce development to gain a competitive business advantage

Embedding sustainable business practices into an organization’s strategic planning is not just responsible – it is imperative – to navigate the landmark years ahead.

This need to develop forward-looking sustainability strategies is particularly apparent for companies in the U.S. Energy & Utilities Industry – a sector where stakeholder demands around the adoption of responsible business practices are rapidly accelerating.

AccountAbility, a global consulting and standards firm known for “Setting the Standard for Sustainability,” not only has a deep understanding of the sustainability issues facing the U.S. Energy & Utilities Industry – but developed a roadmap to support companies in addressing these issues.

AccountAbility’s analysis of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) trends underpinning the future success of U.S. Energy & Utilities companies include the following key insights:

  • Fiscal Health Relies on Resiliency, underscoring the importance of scenario planning and risk assessments to manage business and bottom-line impacts of weather events and climate risks.
  • Utility Access Requires Engagement, emphasizing the need for broad and inclusive stakeholder engagement.
  • Markets Demand Transparency, reinforcing the need to adopt metrics-driven ESG reporting practices to meet rising investor expectations.
  • DEI Drives Workforce Development, supporting the value of integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into an organization’s systems, processes, culture, and operations.

View more Industry Insights for the U.S. Energy & Utilities Industry in the image below and contact AccountAbility at to learn how your organization can answer the call for sustainability.


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