CASE STUDY: MAVIR Leverages the AccountAbility Principles to Innovate Stakeholder Engagement Practices & Meet Evolving Market Demands

The Principle of Inclusivity strengthened MAVIR’s perception of what constitutes a stakeholder - helping the company innovate more intelligently and advance its stakeholder engagement processes

MAVIR, the Hungarian electric transmission system operator, leverages the AccountAbility Principles to better orient itself to future needs driven by a changing market and regulatory climate, and to continue to expand its internal assessment processes to comprehensively address sustainability.

In particular, applying the Principle of Inclusivity has strengthened MAVIR's perception of what constitutes a stakeholder - serving as an adaptive and flexible framework for building an enhanced stakeholder engagement process for the company.

Dr. Péter Ujhelyi, Head of MAVIR's Intersystem Cooperation Department, shared:

“The AccountAbility Principles serve as a compass as our company navigates an unfamiliar new world.”

As the organization further familiarizes itself with the AccountAbility Principles, MAVIR intends to apply them more broadly to improve its sustainability efforts and long-term performance.

Learn how MAVIR applies the AccountAbility Principles to adopt a broader, more rigorous approach to stakeholder engagement by downloading the case study below.

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